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Jargon in the Press

July 28, 2010

Reading about jargon in the press makes me realise how complicated the subject is. Some people rage about it, others quietly get on and use it. Some of the examples of jargon amaze me – they don’t strike me as jargon at all. Here is a very random sample of press cuttings – enjoy!

“The (Plain English) course lasted one day and it changed the way I thought about written communication for ever.”
(Communicating in Plain English is the Way Forward Neil Quantick Law Gazette June 2009)

“To regain trust, politicians need to use language we can understand” (One Nation Under Jargon Roland White Sunday Times Online June 09)

“Three-quarters of the 2,500 people questioned said they would take more interest in their finances if they understood the information companies sent to them.” (Financial jargon “prevents saving” BBC website July 03)

“The main reason given by respondents was lack of financial knowledge, confusion about jargon as well and a desire to focus on current expenditure rather than on long term savings.” (Britons confused by money jargon BBC website April 07)

National Readership Survey (NRS) is taking part in a trial that could lead to the fusion of print and online audiences. It is interesting reading – but I am glad I didn’t have to read the original before Roy Greenslade translated it. Here is an example of the abstractions provided: “provide the planning, buying and selling communities with a continuous single-source trading currency database of print readership and the online equivalent.”
(NRS to test merging of print and online readership figures Roy Greenslade 26 July 2010)

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