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Rain is to Apples as Planning is to Writing

October 11, 2010

full of freshness on a misty morning

I took this photo early one October morning. It had rained hard the day and the night before leaving everything misty but the sun was coming round and there was a real freshness in the air. Every spider’s web was standing out in a bold font and I was glad that it had rained, although I admit to complaining about it at the time.

The cliche says that Spring is the time for renewal and Autumn is when nature goes to sleep – but just look around! The winter flowering shrubs are in bud, spring bulbs are soaking up moisture ready for their time on stage and apples are crisply waiting for us to enjoy them.

Nature and writing projects seem to me to share a rhythm. Rain seems gloomy and makes days dark but I know that nothing would thrive without it and that magical moments like my October morning follow it. In the same way, planning a piece of writing feels like a long tunnel and the day can end with the feeling that I have achieved nothing. I know though that the moment will come when I reach the top of the mountain and suddenly the rest of the project is a positive pleasure.

So – next time you are tempted to skip the planning stage and go straight to the keyboard, remember the rain, the mist and the fresh apples.

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