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Quality of Writing in UK Businesses – so what can we do?

November 12, 2010

So what can we do?

Here are some ideas based on the findings from our survey.

1. The organisation

Step back and take a little time to recognise the real reasons for poor writing. The good news is that small changes in working practices can make a noticeable difference; but they must be championed at the top of the organisation.

Freshword can help with the process of diagnosis by bringing objectivity and experience from many industries and cultures.  We can then make sure that time and money spent on training is spent well.

2. Managers

Identify the areas where time is wasted, and consider how to introduce a realistic feedback process.  Build consultation time into the writing process so that writers are encouraged to ask questions at the briefing stage. Discuss their draft early and ensure that they have the opportunity to learn through feedback on the finished document.

Freshword can support managers by providing workshops on quality systems (using key performance indicators for writing) and on constructively reviewing writing, and motivating writers.

3. Writers

Ask questions about the aim of the report, the intended readers and how the finished document is expected to look.  Look upon the quality of your writing as part of your personality – it is a vital life skill and you can learn to do it better simply by paying attention to what you read and asking for feedback from your managers.

Freshword can inspire writers to learn for themselves, to take pleasure in the quality of their output and develop a professional approach.  We also run very useful report writing courses.

We would like to hear from you

We hope that this report has been thought-provoking and that it will encourage you to try some small changes in your organisation.  We are happy to have a conversation with you on the phone at any time to share a few ideas. We love what we do and want to share our knowledge to make UK business people into better, more enthusiastic writers.

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