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Successful House Style Guidelines

December 3, 2010

I was at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) yesterday working with a group of people who are dead keen to promote professionalism and a strong brand in their organisation.  Two of the group were directly responsible for the promotion, accuracy and upkeep of the house style guidelines and they are doing an excellent job.

Here are some good practice guidelines that they are following:

  • Publish guidelines that are easy to follow and not too long
  • Listen to writers in the organisation and give guidance where they need it (eg: how do we punctuate bullet points?)
  • Make the guidelines accessible on the intranet and promote them internally through workshops, lunchtime sessions and so on
  • Produce printed copies of the guidelines cheaply and in small quantities so that there is no barrier to updating them
  • Have recognised champions who produce the guidelines and keep them up to date

It was a real pleasure to work such a motivated bunch and I hope they found the session as useful as they said they did.  One lady said it was very, very very useful!  Wow, three verries.

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