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Pandas – the shocking truth

December 12, 2011

David Thomas: The world’s most useless creatures

I love this article!

It made me laugh several times, makes a strong point without being pompous about it and uses words in a surprising way. Like all the best writing, it is aimed at a specific audience and would certainly displease some people.

It starts ‘Bloody pandas.’ Immediately you are with the writer or against him. If you object to all swear words and refuse to hear a word against pandas, you may not read any further. But you are up for a bit of contrarian thinking and find directness refreshing, you will happily set aside the next few minutes in anticipation of a rewarding read. You won’t be disappointed.

I recommend reading the article of course, but if you are disinclined to do that, let me at least share these comments on pandas.

Essentially, they are the WAGs of the animal kingdom: superficially attractive in an obvious sort of way, but entirely lacking in any genuine accomplishment.

Their rise to global triumph, as a symbol of all things furry, is a telling commentary on our obsession with appearance over substance.

All through the brutally repressive years of the Cultural Revolution, Mao was lobbing pandas at Western zoos.

Refreshing? Amusing? I think so.

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  1. Phillip Sheahan permalink
    December 12, 2011 13:34

    Jane. Thanks for this comment on the life and charms (or not) of the black-eyed wonders from China. Judging by the comments on The Independent website, this article has caused a lot of ‘panda-mounium’. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Methinks that I’ve been chewing too many bamboo shoots.

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